The transition from the 20th century into the 21st was a momentous point in history. As December 31 of 1999 bled into January 1 of 2000, an era ended and another began.

And unlike the millennials, who got to see the change with their young eyes, we were born into the change. We are Generation Z, and we are as old as this new century is.

We have been a part of a transitioning world. And it's not just self-reinvention that we've done smoothly - we have made the change around us better.

We have seen everything change and been a part of the change - we have used both flip phones and smart phones, connected to the Internet using both dial-ups and WiFi, played both 8-bit games and The Last of Us. We went from playing songs on cassettes to Spotify, from watching movies on cable to Netflix.


18th, 19th ,20th January

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology presents to you Oculus 2019. Oculus is a Techno-Cultural festival that represents the synergy between Culture and Technology. Be it performing arts, or hackathons. Writing poetry or Technical Papers, Oculus sees all.


Think you have the tech skills to pay the bills? Can you code your way out of any problem and hack your way to any solution? Want a platform to showcase your robotics skills? Meet industry leaders hear what they have to say? Then come on and be a part of Oculus Tech Events!

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Remember when we were kids and we wanted to do it all? Some of us wanted to be leaders, some of us wanted to be storytellers. Come realise those dreams with our amazing literary events. Step into the shoes of a diplomat and save the world or take a minute to speak your heart out. Hear real stories from real people. Come, interact, live

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Featured Events

Oculus showcases the best of SPIT and the best of Oculus, is showcased through the several Featured Events that we have in store for you. Showcase your hidden talents and be part of an appreciative community at the Open Mic by the Lake, Or come hear some beautiful, funny and moving stories from our "books" at Human Library or explore the latest ideas with us at our own TEDx event. And wrap it all up by singing along with Amit Mishra, exclusively at Oculus Pro Nite!

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Performing Arts

Sing like Beyonce, Dance like Beyonce, and dress like Beyonce. We can't help the fact that Beyonce can do it all, but at Oculus' cultural showcase so can you! Fashion show, dance competition, singing competition you name it, we got it! Participate and hear the crowd roar your name only at Oculus

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Competition can be exhausting and don't even get us started on the academic burden we face as college students. It's time to let loose the shackles and let our hair down. Oculus fun events have something for everyone. From bouncing around in an inflated ball to singing out you favorite songs, Oculus sees all!

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We at SPIT believe that students cannot be called engineers with just their degrees. What makes us engineers is a holistic development of our perspectives and being equipped to solve problems, not just on circuits or computers, but also in the world around us. Oculus 2019 is proud to be associated with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust and be a part of its efforts to attain its noble goal.

As part of our collaboration with the organization, the students of SPIT will be organising a drive for donating spectacles and clothes for BMC drainage cleaners and people living in rural Maharashtra. To help educate children with lesser privileges and facilities, we will help the Trust in sending books and resources to such kids and to municipal schools. We will also be raising funds in the fest to pay for prosthetic limbs for the victims of terror attacks and other unforeseen accidents.

Oculus 2019 wishes to continue it's association with this cause and contribute to the Trust's humanitarian efforts.

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